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"Under Louisiana law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in  equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities 

pursuant to LA R.S. 9:2795.1."

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Brunett Farms

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HELLO! And thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with us for another year of celebrating "the old ways"! Below you will find information on becomming a vendor and the rules therein.

Vendor applications due no later than Saturday October 13, 2018

Booth Spaces
Booth spaces are $30 for a 10x10 area.
Vendors must provide their own table and pop-up tent.
Additional spaces are available for additional costs.

Items to be Sold
All items to be sold should be hand-made crafts or antiques. No pre-manufactured items will be allowed. We also already have a vendor who sells Old Farmer’s Day novelty items such as shirts and hats, therefore these items are prohibited unless otherwise approved. ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL.

NO FOOD VENDORS are being accepted.
Exceptions are those selling items such as canned goods, jams, jellies, or sweets.
These food items must still be approved prior to selling.

Sales Tax:
All vendors are reminded it is their responsibility to report and remit sales tax on the total sales for the Old Farmer’s Day weekend. Local vendors who already have retail sales tax accounts with the parish are still required to report their sales from Old Farmer’s Day separately, on a “Fair and Festival Return”. A copy of this return can be found below.

It is also our responsibility to submit a complete vendor list to the parish prior to the event, therefore it is imperative we receive this completed application no later than Saturday October 13, 2018. Any vendor not currently in compliance with the Sales and Use Tax Office will not be allowed to operate as a vendor until they have made current their due taxes. This information is provided to us prior to the start of Old Farmer’s Day, therefore we will know if you are allowed to sell or not. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Tangipahoa Parish School Board Sales and Use Tax Division at 985-748-5229 and ask for Crystal Foster.

Setup Location and Times
Vendors MUST have their booth setup no later than 9:00 AM on ether day.
Those who plan to stay both days are encouraged to come Friday between Noon and 6:00PM, in order to alleviate the burden on our staff Saturday and Sunday morning. Also, those vendors who were with us last year will be placed in the same location unless they request to be moved. While we cannot always accommodate this request, we will definitely attempt to do so! If you were not a vendor last year, but have been in the past, you may forfeit your previous spot.

Click the followng links to download the Vendor Application and Sales Tax Form:

2018 Vendor Application
Sales Tax Form

For more information, please contact Ethan Dunn at
985-974-0395 or

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